Phone Banking Service

Enjoy fast and easy transactions on your bank account with Emirates NBD Phone Banking service.

  • Account balance inquiry and listen to the last 5 transactions 
  • Request to receive account statements via E-mail
  • Transfer between your Emirates NBD accounts
  • loan outstanding balance and installment inquiry
  • Request to issue a cheque book and receive it through the branch
  • Credit Card details inquiry
  • Perform credit card payments          
  • Instant cards’ pin code creation

1. What is Emirates NBD Phone Banking?

2. How do I contact Emirates NBD Phone Banking?

3. Can I use Emirates NBD Phone banking service after the bank working hours/weekends?

4. Can Company /Corporate Customers access Phone banking services?

5. Who can access the Emirates NBD Phone Banking Service?

6. What are the services offered through Emirates NBD Phone Banking?

7. How do I change my Pin Code number?

8. How secure is my Card Pin Code?

9. What is the maximum amount allowed to be transferred via the Phone Banking Service?

10. If I make a fund transfer payment from my savings account to my current account, how soon can I withdraw from an ATM?

11. Can I make a transfer from my EGP account to my US$ Account?

12. How do I get the statement if the request is made via Emirates NBD Phone Banking?

13. How do I redeem my Reward points?

14. How can I update my Mobile Number?

Please click here for Phone Banking user guide.