Emirates NBD ATMs will assist you in convenient and faster banking experience


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Emirates NBD always makes the security of its clients a priority, thus we continue enforcing our utmost security measures to protect your accounts thus we argue you to follow these following tips to ensure a smooth and secure ATM experience.

  • Monitor the ATM surroundings: take few seconds before making a transaction to monitor the ATM surroundings and be on the lookout for anything that seems suspicious to you.
  • Ensure the ATM is similar to other ATMs: make sure that the color of the Card slot and the keypad look the same as our other ATMs.
  • Lightly Jiggle the Card Slot: make sure that the card slot does not move or is unstable as a real card reader should be attached to the ATM so well that it won’t move around at all.
  • Shield your PIN: always shield the keypad while entering your pin or any personal information.
  • Track your Account: Constantly check your account to avoid and detect any questionable transactions.
  • Report Irregularities: If you noticed anything suspicious or any questionable transactions made on your account report as soon as possible because timing is very important when it comes to resolving the problem.