Hedging Solutions

Due to the strong position of Emirates NBD Egypt on the derivatives market, the bank is able to offer its customers a wide variety of options from plain vanilla to exotics as well as option strategies. Working closely with its clients to analyze their balance sheet and the different currency needs, Emirates NBD Egypt advises its customers on the most suitable strategies to both mitigate their currency risk exposure and suit their risk profile.


Find the best approach to managing currency exposure inherent in assets denominated in foreign currencies. Emirates NBD offers a wide range of solution including:

  • Deliverable Outright Forward Agreements: Fix FX rates for a future transaction, thereby eliminating your FX risk. This can be done on all FX crosses that Emirates NBD Egypt trades in.
  • Standard Options: Pay an upfront premium to purchase an option that eliminates your FX risk, while still providing scope for potential FX gains.
  • Zero-cost Hedging Strategies: Emirates NBD offers clients willing to accept increased risk or reduced rewards hedging strategies with a cheaper premium.

Reduce your vulnerability to changing interest rates using Emirates NBD Egypt’s proven and innovative strategies and products to effectively manage interest rate exposure.

  • Interest rate swaps: Protect your company from rising or falling interest rates by entering into a interest rate swap where you receive a fixed rate and pay a floating rate or vice versa.
  • Interest rate caps/floors/collars: To protect against fluctuating interest rates, Emirates NBD Egypt offers interest rate caps, floors and collars.
  • Non-Vanilla structures: The bank also offer exotic hedging strategies that include
    • Digital cap
    • Swaption
    • Cap/Floor Spread