Cash Collect and Delivery

Cash Collect:

This service is ideal for clients with large cash sales. Cash pick up from a client’s premises is delivered directly to Centralised Cash. Benefits include:24/7 availability to help company treasurers better control their cash flows.

The cost of cash insurance at client’s premises is entirely or substantially reduced.This largely eliminates the risk and hassle of keeping large amounts of cash on the business premises.

Cash Delivery:

Similar to Cash Collection, this service reduces client risk and saves both time and effort by delivering cash to the business premises. Delivery is set according to a schedule based on written instructions provided by the client to the bank.

Salaries Delivery

This service is offered to companies with temporary or non-banking staff working in remote locations with no access to ATM machines.

The salaries are hand-delivered to company employees in sealed envelopes on specified dates each month, based on written instructions from the client to the bank.